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Postcard of the Georgia Medical College in Augusta, Georgia.


A used postcard of the Georgia Medical College located in Augusta, Georgia. Written on bottom, front, "John -- had postal from you I seen it today." Written on the back, left side, "Dear Martha sorry to hear from John -- today that you are in hospital Sick with Typhoid fever and can't believe it, he had a letter from Mr. Herbert he told him all about you he said you would be well cared for while sick I read the letter he said he had your tickett bought one spoke very nice of you and sincerly hope your sickness is not much and that you will be out in a few days and am so sorry and dont know what to say hoping to hear soon from you Sincerly Pam." Written on the back, right side, "Miss Martha Drury, west 70th St, New York City, 9th Floor.


Postcards, Medical colleges, Georgia, Augusta (Ga.), Medical College of Georgia (1950-2011)