Dear President [Jacques-Seraphin Lanquetin][Letter 6]

Pasteur, Louis, 1822-1895.
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Letter to Mr. Lanquetin, President of the Commssion of wine wholesale trade in Paris, explaining the process he had created to conserve wine and asking to contact him or the commission if his action is approved. Includes a typed translation into English and audio of the translation.

Paris, 28th October 1865 To Mr Lanquetin, President of the Commission of wine wholesale trade in Paris, Quai de Béthune 34 Dear President, For over a year, I have been in charge of the study of wine diseases, their causes and the means to prevent them. My research has lead me to inaugurate a simple and practical process for conserving wine, which I would be happy to have judged by the most knowledgeable people on this subject. The most authoritative opinion I could solicit is, without doubt, that of the commission in charge of the interests for the wine trade in Paris, which you have the honor to represent. This process, which exists primarily to make bottled wine, consists in raising the wine temperature sheltered from the air to a degree that may vary according to the type, but which is comprised between the limits of around 50-65 degrees. Should you approve my action, Mr. President, I would be most obliged if you would immediately contact myself or the commission. Please accept, dear President, the homage of my respect L. Pasteur Member of the Académie des Sciences 45 rue d’Ulm
Académie des sciences (France), Fermentation, Lanquetin, Jacques-Seraphin (1794-1869)--Correspondence, Paris (France). Conseil municipal, Pasteurization--History, Vin--France--History, Wine and wine making--France--History, Wine and wine making--Microbiology