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This instrument represents the finest example of its type prior to the development of achromatic microscopes. The main components are folded and packed, with complete accessories, in a mahogany box, lined with maroon velvet. The flat folding tripod base supports a round pillar, which is attached to the limb by a compass joint. The limb carries the body-tube and the stage are attached. The compound outer tube carries an inner tube, and the focusing is by rack and pinion. The instrument is very similar to a microscope made by Philip Carpenter and signed: "Carpenter's Improved, Opake, & Transparent Compound Microscope, 24, Regent Street London," now at the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford. The Moody Medical Library's instrument is believed to be rare, as the catalogs of The Billings Microscope Collection and the Royal Microscopical Society Collection do not list Joseph Long. Signed: Improved Compound Microscope for Opake & Transparent Objects. By J. Long, 20, Little Tower St. London.

Biology, British Firms, Microscopy, Optics