Dear President [César Despretz] [Letter 1]



Pasteur, Louis, 1822-1895

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Letter written by Louis Pasteur requesting permission to speak at the Academie of Sciences. Written on letterhead of the Ecole normale supérieure (France). Includes a typed translation into English and audio of the translation.


Paris, 15th November 1857 Dear President, I would be very happy to be granted permission tomorrow to speak for a communication at the Académie. I would have registered with the secretary several weeks ago had I not asked Mr. Dumas to present my work, which he was not able to do last Monday, and had he not sent my report back to me a few days ago, kindly adding that the importance of my results deserved that I ought to read them out in person. You can see, dear President, that I have been ready for a long time and that, without these particular circumstances, I would have taken measures earlier in order to obtain the favor I am now requesting from your goodwill. Please accept, dear President, my best regards, Your very humble and devoted servant, L. Pasteur