Intrinsic genetic resistance of lymphocytes to influenza virus infection



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Preliminary studies in our laboratory suggested that homozygous expression of HLA class I alleles may be associated with protection of lymphocytes against infection by influenza virus. There was absence of viral transcription in the lymphocytes of HLA-A homozygous subjects, although all monocytes were infected.\r\nMy specific aim was to determine if such resistance was evident in HLA-B homozygous subjects as well while studying the feasibility of different methods to identify the site of block to replication. Flow cytometry and Western Blot failed due to the interference of input virus. RtPCR and 35S labeling showed absence of synthesis of viral proteins as seen with HLA-A homozygous/HLA-B heterozygous donors. \r\nIn conclusion, this resistance is present in different HLA class I homozygous phenotypes, aside to the common HLA alleles. The use of RtPCR along with sucrose gradient separation of cell fractions may be a good alternative to assess the site of block of infection. \r\n



lymphocytes, influenza virus infection, HLA