My dear colleague [Sir Henry Roscoe][Letter 9]




Pasteur, Louis, 1822-1895.

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Letter informing Sir Roscoe that he will not be able to accept Roscoe's invitation to attend the meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. Includes a typed translation into English and audio of the translation.


Paris, 13th July 1887 My dear colleague, Your kind invitation is very tempting, indeed! Unfortunately, I am obliged to decline the pleasure and honour of attending your useful and brilliant meeting on the 31st August. A few days ago, I was thanking Sir Paget for the remarkable report by the rabies commission, which gave me such intense satisfaction that I told him I intended to go to London personally this autumn to express my gratitude to the members of this Commission and its revered President, and that, on this occasion, if my health allows it, I shall deliver a lecture on rabies at the Royal Institution. In those conditions, it would be impossible for me to go to Manchester. I indeed have at present a pressing need to go to the countryside for a rest. It is on this condition that I take some rest that my doctor will allow me to go to London in October. Do accept, Sir Roscoe, my kind wishes. L. Pasteur


Communicable Diseases, Microbiology, Rabies