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    • 1.021 

      Leitz, Ernst. (2012-03-05)
      The oldest Leitz instrument in the collection is a small microscope, Stand V. The horseshoe base supports a circular pillar, to which the body-tube, square stage and mirror are attached. There is no substage. Focusing is ...
    • 1.032 

      Zeiss, Carl. (2012-02-07)
      The oldest Zeiss instrument in the collection is a small microscope with a horseshoe base and a round pillar. The body-tube is attached to the pillar by a short arm and focusing is by the screw on top of the pillar. A ...
    • 1.033 

      Zeiss, Carl. (2012-02-07)
      This is the latest Zeiss microscope in the collection and dates from about 1908. It has many features in common with the earlier Zeiss instrument (1.034) below. Additionally, it includes the "jug handle," an elaborate stage ...
    • 1.034 

      Zeiss, Carl. (2012-02-07)
      The instrument sits on a horseshoe base and a slotted rectangular pillar supports the stage and tubular limb. Below the stage are a rotating double mirror, a swinging platform for the iris diaphragm (which moves on the ...
    • 1.046 

      Leitz, Ernst. (2012-02-07)
      The horseshoe-shaped foot and the pillar are cast as one piece. The curved limb supports the square stage and the body-tube with a triple nosepiece. Coarse focusing is by rackwork and fine adjustment by micrometer screw. ...
    • 1.049 

      Hartnack, Edmund. (2012-02-07)
      Similar in design to Oberhaeuser instruments with horseshoe foot, the microscope is supported by a round pillar attached to square stage. The body-tube moves by rack and pinion and is connected to the limb by a solid brass ...
    • 1.061 

      Leitz, Ernst. (2012-02-07)
      This instrument has all the features of a late 19th-century Continental microscope. A short rectangular pillar sits on a horseshoe base and supports the limb and the stage on trunnions. The body-tube has a rackwork for ...
    • 1.066 

      Leitz, Ernst. (2012-03-05)
      Another Leitz microscope similar to the above (1.061) with wooden carrying case, about 1896, and signed: E. Leitz Wetzlar & New York No 28744.
    • 1.075 

      Leitz, Ernst. (2012-03-05)
      Another Leitz microscope from the 1920s, with serial 290899.