Employee Assistance Program and Occupational Health Providers’Perceptions and Experiences with Intimate Partner Violence in the Workplace: A Grounded Theory Study



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Abstract:Title: Employee Assistance Program and Occupational Health Providers’ Experiences and Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence in the WorkplacePurpose/Significance: Employee Assistance Program/Occupational Health Providers(“providers”) are often the first point of contact for employees, both victims and perpetrators, affected by intimate partner violence (IPV). This Classical Grounded Theory (CGT) study explored providers’ experiences and perceptions of working with employees in IPV relationships. This study advances the mission of the Southern Nursing Research Society by communicating research findings related to a persistent social and health issue: IPV.Methods: CGT (Glaser, 1978) guided the study. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with ten providers from across the United States. The interviews were analyzed using constant comparison and open coding to identify categories and concepts within transcripts to ultimately reveal a substantive theory grounded in the study data. The study and resulting substantive theory adhered to Glaser’s (1978) criteria for trustworthiness: Fit, work, relevance and modifiability.



Health Sciences, Nursing, Health Sciences, Occupational Health and Safety, Health Sciences, Public Health