On the 12... [Letter 12]

Pasteur, Louis, 1822-1895.
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Note written by Pasteur, at top of page describing his request from the Emperor and to the Minister of Public Instruction for the creation of a laboratory, that he has spoken to a number of people to ask for the request for funds be brought to the Emperor's attention again. Includes a typed translation into English and audio of the translation.

[Note across the top] On the 12 [?] 1869, I learnt that any request for extra credit for 1868 had been refused to the invitations of [?]. After having conferred with Mr. Marshall Vaillant and Mr. du Gardaillon, I asked Mr. Dormy to speak again to the Emperor about the project, so that the Emperor obtains the funds. If [???]. I have [??]. [?] today and I have given him the enclosed note. [?] told me that I [??] the Emperor on the 13th [?] 1869. L. Pasteur Mr Pasteur’s research on fermentations and on the role of microscopic organisms has opened new paths for physiological chemistry, the benefits of which are being reaped by the agricultural industries and medical research. But, the ground that is yet to be covered is immense. One of the most admirable natural laws consists in the necessary return to the soil and to the atmosphere of everything that has lived. Mr Pasteur has been pursuing for ten years the in-depth study of chemical transformations that correspond to this great act of destruction of the matter of living beings after they die. He has already come across the most useful discoveries. He can foresee a multitude of other ones, but he lacks the material means to explore and cultivate the field he has sown. In this occurrence, Mr Pasteur has requested from the Emperor and to the Minister of Public Instruction the creation of a physiological chemistry laboratory to be placed under his direction. It is desirable that the funds attributed to the civil buildings for 1868 allow for this installation, the future maintenance costs of which shall be at the expense of the Ministry for Public Instruction. A credit of 60 to 100 thousand francs would be required. The land is ready at the Ecole Normale for the construction of this laboratory.
Biochemistry, De Cardaillac, Jacques-Étienne (1818-1879), Duruy, Victor, 1811-1894--Correspondence, Finance, Ecole normale supérieure (France), Institut Pasteur (Paris, France), Minister of Public Instruction (France), Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, 1808-1873, Vaillant, Jean-Baptiste Philibert, 1790-1872