Evaluating Seeding Galveston: Assessing Food Security and Health-Related Outcomes


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Program evaluation is a crucial step in the success of community-based programs, as it allows stakeholders and community organizations to determine the success of our efforts and make changes where necessary to improve our community programs. Evaluations are fluid and cannot just be done once, thus the importance of establishing an evaluation program within community organizations. Seeding Galveston, a relatively young non-profit organization on Galveston Island, seeks to increase food security for low-income residents and provide a sustainable food source for all. Seeding Galveston requires an evaluation to determine how to further the growth of their organization and if they are using their resources in the best way possible. The goal of this proposal is to develop and begin implementation of an evaluation plan such that Seeding Galveston can evaluate current programs and make self-evaluation a requirement for all new programs, thus leading to a sustainable evaluation technique for the life of their organization.