My Dear Architect [Letter 7]




Pasteur, Louis, 1822-1895.

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Letter from L. Pasteur to Mr. J {Bouchoir] thanking him for his friendly letter and letting him know it would be fine to plant a few bushes in the squares. Also, that Pasteur would take over the extension of the laboratory in the Rue d'Ulm. Includes a typed translation into English and audio of the translation.


Arbois, (Jura), 9th September 1889 My Dear Architect, I am keen to thank you for your very friendly letter. If you wanted to [grow] or plant a few bushes in the [reserved] squares, I would approve everything you have decided. I have great confidence in your taste. Certainly, I will take over the matter of the extension of the laboratory in the Rue d’Ulm and I thank you for your good will on this matter. As long as old age does not deprive me of the necessary strength, I want to try everything to put French science, in the [?] of my studies, at the forefront. With my thanks, please receive the new assurance of my very [affectionate] sentiments L. Pasteur To Mr. J. [Bouchoir] architect at the Ecole Normale [Pyrénéennes]


Ecole normale supérieure (France), Institut Pasteur (Paris, France)--History, Bouchoir, J.