School-based telemental health at the University of Texas Medical Branch: A compilation and design of a standard operating procedures manual



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Our nation is undergoing reform to close the gap on health care disparities within its population. Tendering services to everyone regardless of ability to pay will, no doubt, increase the number of people served; however, simply offering will not ensure total population compliance in seeking health care. Bringing health care to the people will help bridge the gap that remains. For fifty years clinics have been introduced to schools to bring health care to students who may not otherwise get health care. These school-based health clinics (SBHCs) have evolved from offering primary care to comprehensive specialty care to include mental health services. Concurrently, health care has evolved technologically to include electronic health records and telemedicine. UTMB has a telepsych program that has been very successful and is on the cusp of an impressive expansion project that will double the number of current care sites. The program is in need of a standard operating procedures manual that can be utilized for training of impending new personnel and ensuring a consistent quality of care. The aim of this project is develop such a manual that will provide assistance and grow with the program.