Letter [no addressee], 1 Jan 1872

Smith, Ashbel, 1805-1886.
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Handwritten copy of letter written by Ashbel Smith documenting his witnessing of a sale and transfer of land located on Greens Bayou.

City of Houston, State of Texas, Jan 1st 1872, Sometime in the year of 1838 Ferdinard Bell, for the sum of two hundred dollars, according to the best of my recollection as to the amount only, being certain as to the other points, sold and transferred in writing to Isaac W. Burton, both of the then Republic of Texas his headright certificate for one third of a league of land then unlocated. The instrument of sale and transfer was on a separate piece of paper, but attached to the headright certificate. I saw the certificate and Bells transfer of same in Burtons hands. Burton afterwards sold the certificate together with his own Burtons transfer to me Ashbel Smith the patent to the land located on Greens Bayou Harris Co. in virtue of said certificate was delivered to me from the General Land Officer on my presenting the transfers of Bell and of Burtons to me.(Signed. =) Ashbel Smith, seal
Houston (Tex.), Harris County (Tex.)