Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and School Nursing: A Non-Experimental Quantitative Study



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Underlying the healthy learning environments of our nation’s schools are students who are unwillingly entangled in the darkness of a form of human trafficking known as commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). There is substantial and compelling evidence that CSEC is a serious problem in the United States with immediate and long-term adverse consequences for children and adolescents. These victims are attending school and school nurses are uniquely positioned in a frontline role to identify and intervene with victims of CSEC. Therefore, the overall objective of this study was to investigate the awareness, attitudes, and perceptions that Kansas school nurses have regarding CSEC. To attain the objective, a non-experimental quantitative study was conducted using the SNAPS survey. Quantitative data was analyzed and the theoretical framework, School Nurses ‘Seeing’ Youth Vulnerability to Trafficking, was applied. The study revealed that Kansas school nurses significantly lack awareness of CSEC and have negative attitudes regarding CSEC. Surprisingly, Kansas school nurses have positive role perceptions regarding CSEC and their student populations.