Associations in Nurses’ Perceptions of Patient Safety Culture Within the Hospital Setting: A Secondary Analysis of the 2018 HSOPS Database

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Within the hospital setting there continues to be concerns around a lack of effective leadership that cultivates a patient safety culture, which includes leaders’ insufficient support of patient safety event reporting, their lack of responding to staff and others who report patient safety gaps, their tolerating intimidation of staff who report patient safety events, and their declining to prioritize and implement patient safety recommendations.

The study objective was to identify potential associations of patient safety culture measures and background characteristics of nurses in the hospital setting. The central hypothesis was that there are correlations within perceptions of patient safety culture measures as well as background characteristics in nurses within the hospital setting. This study achieved the objective through a retrospective, secondary, quantitative analysis of the 2018 Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture to evaluate the responses of 126,390 nurses within the United States.

The findings from this study indicate that nurses’ perceptions of leadership actions and support for patient safety culture are positively correlated with nurses’ perceptions of patient safety culture, including willingness to communicate patient safety issues. This study also found that there is variability in nurses’ perceptions of patient safety culture based on nurse background characteristics.

Nurse perception, patient safety culture, hospital setting