A plan to address documented health disparities while enhancing UTMB capacity a plan for coordinate action : the 1st improvement plan for fulfilling DSRIP performance measure I-11.1




Serag, Hani
Smith, Kenneth D.
Lee, Wei-Chen
Center to Eliminate Health Disparities (CEHD)

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The University of Texas Medical Branch


This report is an improvement plan consisting of recommendations to address three disparities uncovered in an analysis of UTMB inpatient data. In addition, the report details recommended actions to address health disparities in a coordinated way at UTMB. These more general recommendations are based on published guidance documents from professional organizations and best practices utilized by health systems that are nationally recognized leaders in addressing health disparities. More important, they represent a planned course of action that will (1) enable UTMB to address documented health disparities, and (2) build on existing infrastructure to create the capacity for UTMB to become a national leader in reducing health disparities.



Research Report


Smith KD, Serag H, Lee W-C, Eschbach K. (2015). A Plan to Address Documented Health Disparities while Enhancing UTMB Capacity for Coordinated Action: The 1st Improvement Plan. Galveston, TX: Center to Eliminate Health Disparities. Available at: http://www.utmb.edu/hpla/health-disparities/publications.