My dear Doctor [John Henry Bowers], 9 August 1876




Smith, Ashbel, 1805-1886.

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Letter asking Dr. Bowers to describe the epidemics he has witnessed in Texas, the places, and general facts of interest.


Evergreen, August 9, 1876, My dear Doctor, I am so tired, so worn out with writing and other labor that I would gladly go to bed for a few hours but I want to hear from you at your earliest possible convenience on the Epidemics which you have witnessed in Texas, for the use of the National or rather I believe for the World’s Congress of Medical men to assemble in Philadelphia at the Centennial on the 4th September I have just completed one of a dozen written pages like the present sheet of paper. So write with as little delay as your practice will permit & direct to me at Houston, Texas” Treatises on symptomology treatment pathology etc are not required but a historic narrative of the epidemics which you have witnessed, the places when they prevailed, and any general facts of interest:_ Yellow Fever Dengue its relations if any with Yellow Fever Cholera Epidemic of Dysentery Epidemic of Pneumonia _ Typhoid Fever It would be wise to note down any peculiar or controlling symptoms, any special treatment. According to your judgment. Also any meteonological facts, etc, etc I should have added to the Epidemics the patient belly ache, otherwise described as Epidemic lead colic, colica pictonum. Don’t fail to attend to this matter. Your old friend, Affectionately, Ashbel Smith