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Pasteur, Louis, 1822-1895.

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Letter to Sir (unknown) by Pasteur requesting to check for memos of invoices that can be given to Mr. De Cardaillac who has accepted to cover expenses for the laboratory. Written on Ecole normale supérieure (France) letterhead. Includes a typed translation into English and audio of the translation.


Paris, 6th January 1859 Sir, I was honored to meet last Tuesday Mr. de Cardaillac, who accepted to cover at the State Ministry’s expense the costs for the appropriation of the two or three attic bays in which I had, initially at my own risk, settled my laboratory. He asked me to give you the memos and invoices pertaining to these expenses and I am honored to enclose them with this letter. These memos include a few items of furniture that I shall pay for personally. I believe that you will be willing to check on these memos. If this is not the case, I shall have new invoices made up. Please accept, dear Sir, my devoted regards, L. Pasteur


Ecole normale supérieure (France)., De Cardaillac, Jacques-Étienne (1818-1879), Finance