[Partical letter to John Henry Bowers, date unknown]

Smith, Ashbel, 1805-1886.
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Letter describing his service in the Texas Infantry and asking Dr. Bowers to join in the capacity of Surgeon of Mr. Smith's command.

...to some to Texas after xxx- I was then Inspector General in the Army of the West- the death of Col Rogers places me in command of the 2d Reg. Texas I.- It is a glorious regiment, the best I really believe, west of the mountains- inferior to no one in the whole army. The subject which naturally occupies the thoughts of every one is the danger of invasion of Texas by the enemy. Our condition is certainly at the moment defenseless- Col DeBray is using to the best advantage the men and means at his disposition- There are resources in men and means which might be evoked for our defense which would ensure our security. We now lie at the mercy of the enemy. All the blame surely is not Gen Heberts. The... ...and have been hoping that some fortunate circumstance would bring us once at lease together before my return to the Army. I fear that disappointment awaits me in this wish. I leave definitively in a few days. I requested W Simmles to write to you that there is no one whom I should so like to accompany me as yourself, in the capacity of Surgeon of my command- If it is not your wish, as I imagine it is not, to enter the service permanently, you could return from Mississippi after my command reaches the Army. I need not tell you, my dear Doctor, that I am getting old; grey hair...