Letter to My dear Doctor [John Henry Bowers], 23 November [n.d.]




Smith, Ashbel, 1805-1886.

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Letter asking his friend to come to Evergreen to help him with memoranda on his treating Yellow fever


Galveston Nov 23 My dear Doctor I came to this city Saturday evening and return to Evergreen tomorrow. I have been practicing in Houston during the recent Yellow Fever Epidemic_ and you will allow me to say to you my old friend that I have had unrivalled success. My attention was exclusively devoted to the recovery of my patients_ nevertheless I snatched moments for making numerous memoranda which I am preparing for publication._ I would have given a great deal to have been allowed to make additional autopsies , but I made none except in the hospital _ attended by other physicians_ as it gives such a handle to other practitioners to misrepresent the results of one’s practice I should be perfectly delighted could you spend a few weeks with me at Evergreen and aid me in arranging my memoranda and I should strongly urge you to come down, but for some expectation I have of going to Austin in the course of a fortnight. Have you received the N. Orleans Journal which I ordered for you? I heard of your great success in practice some time since, I presume it continues. How is your own health? _ Write me everything about yourself._ my own health is excellent. My crop is a good one, Col Cage has bought the Ross place and put up a handsome two story house. Archibald Hughes is building on Bradford Nash’s place W Ropes is building on the Ellis place; so you see we are getting a neighborhood. Cedar Bayou joys on in the old way. _ Henry W is boat building at the Wind Mill _ Lewis is on a visit to the North. Please present my compliments to xxx Terrell and family_ & write soon to us. Faithfully, yours, Ashbel Smith P.S. you will find yourself mentioned in Dr. Massie’s Eclectic Practice


Galveston (Tex.), Houston (Tex.), Yellow fever, Evergreen (Tex.), Baytown (Tex.)