My dear Dr. Bowers, 6 September 1882




Smith, Ashbel, 1805-1886.

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Letter to Dr. Bowers for his recollection on the purchase of two lots in Galveston by Ashbel Smith that is part of a lawsuit to which Dr. Smith has no interest, but has been asked to testify to hi recollection of his purchase.


September 6…1882, My dear Dr. Bowers, I am on the tug returning from Galveston where I have been as a witness in a suit at law in which I have no interest but which is of much interest to other parties. The suit refers to three certificates of Galveston Cy. City Stock, which certificates have my endorsements on them as having been once owned by me. My name on these certificates is genuine; _ my belief and recollection is as follows: _ I bought two lots in Galveston in 1839 or 1840_ B. 499. I 8 and 9_ I have the city company’s deed to me July 10...1840. I bought of General Hunt for $ 1500. I paid for the lots in three city co’s certificates of stock at $ 500.00 each = $ 1500. I bought these three shares in the market I know not from whom nor do I now remember at what price, probably from some speculator as A. F. James or P. Edmonds. My recollection does not serve me at all. Have you any recollection whatever about the matter_ of my payment to Gen. Hunt, or of whom I got or bought the certificates which I gave in payment? In 1845 in March I was in Galveston on my return to France and England as Minister M de Saligny was there you were with us. It appears from the certificates and my endorsement on the same which is genuine and witnessed by Gail Borden, that the certificates were then submitted to me. My name is under this endorsement “surrendered for the issue of new stock”. The name is genuine. But I have not the slightest recollection of anything connected with the certificates at that time. This is not surprising; for most important matters absorbed our attention_ and I had no interest in the certificates. Do you remember anything whatever in connection with the City Co’s certificates of stock which appears to have been then submitted to me? I shall be very glad, my dear Doctor, if you will xxx your memory and see if you can recollect anything whatever relating to my purchase of the lots of Gen. Hunt, to my payment for them, when and on what, if in City Cy stock when and from whom I got certificates._ Also any circumstances relating to the certificates in 1845._ Please write me every incident that may relate to this matter which you recollect. Please write promptly. I enclosed a memorandum from Judge Ballinger_ I fear you will not find it very clear_ Please return the memorandum of Judge B. to me Cedar Bayou P.O._ with highest esteem and warmest attachment your old friend truly, Ashbel Smith


Galveston (Tex.)