Letter to My dear Doctor [John Henry Bowers], 21 April 1852




Smith, Ashbel, 1805-1886.

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Letter discussing publications on Yellow Fever.


Galveston, April 21...1852, My dear Doctor, Where are you and what is the meaning of your long silence? I heard some months ago on my return from London that you had been burnt out on the xxx and had moved. I told Dr. Meriting that I placed no confidence in the rumor _ I delayed writing however in daily expectation that some of us would hear from you. How are you? How are you getting along in the profession? Have you seen the 2d vol. of the Southern Med Reports of Dr. Fenner? Very handsome mention is made in different papers in the reports of your letter on Patient Bellyache. You ought to prepare an article for the next volume. What say you to giving an xxx of the Yellow Fever at Brassos Ft Iago? _ My paper on Yellow Fever read before the New York Academy of Medicine has been printed in their transactions. I have a volume for you but decline sending by mail on account of heavy postage. I am expecting to start today or tomorrow for Corpus Christi_ can you come down and be present at the Fair? Write to me immediately here or at Corpus tell me all the news about yourself, family and business._ Remember me to W. Bowers and believe me ever, Truly Yours, Ashbel Smith


Galveston (Tex.), Corpus Christi (Tex.)