Analysis of aspects of health care delivery and safety for space tourism and space passengers



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Non-career space travelers from around the world will be venturing into space as commercial programs develop and mature. There are multiple forces promoting human suborbital and orbital flight, including; public interest and desire, market and financial drivers, technological advances, and a paradigm shift from governmental to privately funded space enterprises. This Capstone project seeks to evaluate factors of health and safety related to the space traveling general public. These elements involve: (1) pre-mission medical standards and evaluation, (2) medical risk mitigation, (3) physiological impacts of acceleration, microgravity, and radiation exposure, (4) in-flight medical monitoring and health care delivery, (5) pre-flight training, and (6) regulatory issues. Space tourism has indeed started, and the coming decades will see this dream of flight come true for a sizeable number of participants.



suborbital flight, space tourism, space passengers, medical standards, commerical space flight