Lunar Housing Simulator

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In 1959, Dr. Gaume began to research a life support system to be stationed on the Moon that would, in essence, be a miniature replica of the closed ecology of Earth’s system. In theory, the structure was designed to be self-sustaining. Dr. Gaume created a Lunar Housing Simulator capable of short term independent operation that could support a crew of five. The testing of the Lunar Housing Simulator was conducted under partially simulated lunar conditions, even though no one knew what those conditions were. For example, the decision was made to grow crops using hydroponics (the growth of plants in water) because “As yet we do not know the composition of moon soil, and growth in this soil is not predictable.” While lunar housing has yet to become a reality, Dr. Gaume’s futuristic research remains applicable for continuing interest in building structures on the Moon and Mars.


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