History of the Atomic Era, Radiology, and Atomic Energy in Philately

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This first volume contains stamps, first day covers and other materials pertaining to discoveries in the Atomic Era from the time of Hindu philosophers and ancient Greeks to 1970. It includes stamps from Paraguay honoring Leonardo da Vinci, to Mendeléev’s Periodic Law of Classification of the Elements.

A first day cover recognizes the contributions of George Eastman on the Centennial of his birth and calls him the “Father of Modern Photography.” Another first day cover celebrates the discovery of Radium by Marie and Pierre Currie. A number of countries celebrate Einstein’s Theory of Relativity including Poland, Israel, and Ghana on stamps. Other materials note the contributions of organizations such as the United Nations to keep peaceful applications to these powerful discoveries.

The materials are divided into four categories: The Ten Mathematical Equations that Changed the Face of the Earth; The Atomic Era; Radiology; and Atomic Energy.


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