Florida Sanitarium and Hospital




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Tillson's P.O. Box 3434, Daytona Beach, Florida.


Postcard of the Florida Sanitarium Hospital in Orlando, Florida. "Superbly located on an elevation overlooking beautiful lake Estelle. Shaded lawns, flower gardens, and orange groves on all sides. One hundred cool, airy rooms, steam heated in Winter. A-la carte service, trained nurses, skilled dietitian. Battle Creek methods of treatment stressing use of natural healing agencies."


A used postcard of the Florida Sanitarium and Hospital located in Orlando, Florida. The image shows the front lake and lawn. Written on the back, left side, "Thanks for your card A___ & P___ came to the hospital last Thursday evening. P___ is ok but the insurance company hasn't settled for his car thats burned up yet. He feels bad about it. I was helping on Mr. Dixons truck; he lives next door to us. Expect to go home Sunday 4/14, lots of love, Will." Written on the back, right side, "Mrs. Harry Steckroth, #116 Ellsworth St. Allentown, Pa., J.L. Newhard 1836 White Hall." One cent postage stamp of George Washington on the back, upper right corner. Postmarked on April 11, 1940.


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