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Carter's News Agency, Mobile, Ala.


Postcard of the Mobile Infirmary in Mobile, Alabama. "The Mobile Infirmary was incorporated on April 8, 1897 and formally opened on October 21, 1910. The Charter was amended on January 28, 1947 and the affairs of this non-profit General Hospital are now managed by a Board of Trustees of twenty-one (21) members. Twelve of the Trustees are representatives of the Baptist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Hebrew, Christian, and Lutheran denominations and the remainder are Trustees at-large, regardless of the denomination with which they may be affiliated. The New Mobile Infirmary opened January 26, 1952, cost over four and one-half million dollars and is classified as a three-hundred (300) bed General Hospital."


A used postcard of the Mobile Infirmary in Mobile, Alabama. Written on back, left side, "8/20/1960, Just a Hospital Card to keep you with your collection or have you this one - ? So happy you had all your 'child-?' a Kiss Auntie --." Written on back, right side, "Dr. Morris Weiss Sr., Louisville, KY, Aura Road." Postmarked on August 24, 1960. One one cent stamp of George Washington and one two cent stamp of Thomas Jefferson on the back, right corner.


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