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T.J. Mattox Cigar & Tobacco Co., Montgomery, Ala.; C.T. Photochrom


Postcard of St. Margaret's Hospital in Montgomery, Alabama.


A used postcard of St. Margaret's Hospital in Montgomery Alabama. Written on back, left side "Montgomery Ala, October 6, 1917. Hello Floyd:- Your card was recieved & was very glad to hear from you. Well boy I am feeling fine & like the life of a soldier. Found it hard for a few weeks, but getting along better now. The days are hot here & evenings are cool like ours. Boy there is lots of Ohio troops here now. We drill 8 hrs. a day mostly new regulation. You will like it all night when you come down. Here's wishing you lots of luck. From your old pal. Carl W. Green, Co. 39 10th Batl. Dep. Brig. Camp Sheridan, Montgomery, Ala." Written on back, right side, "Mr. Floyd Ridenbaugh, Battery C.1.0.7.A. St. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana." Postmarked on October 7, 1917. One cent postage stamp of George Washington on back, upper right corner.


Alabama, Postcards, Montgomery (Ala.), Catholic Hospitals