The Effect of Integration of TeamSTEPPS® Strategies Within an Orientation Program on New Graduate Nurse Team Attitudes


The problem this research addressed was identification of potential relationships between a TeamSTEPPS® based orientation program and NGN Teamwork Attitudes. The purpose of this study was to determine if integration of TeamSTEPPS® into the NGN orientation program increased measurements of Teamwork Attitudes (TA). Specific Aim 1: In the NGN, determine TA pre-TeamSTEPPS® training, as measured by the TeamSTEPPS® Teamwork Attitude Questionnaire (T-TAQ). Specific Aim 2: In the NGN, determine TA post-TeamSTEPPS® training, as measured by the T-TAQ. Specific Aim 3: In the NGN, compare TA pre/post-TeamSTEPPS® training, as measured by the T-TAQ. The theoretical framework guiding the study was Gibson’s Theory of Affordances. The methodology for this study was a quasi-experimental pre/post-test study design. The significance of the study was knowledge about TeamSTEPPS® increased measured teamwork attitudes and facilitated integration of NGNs into the interprofessional team.



TeamSTEPPS, New graduate nurse, Orientation, teamwork, attitudes